photography and text by zev tiefenbach

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welcome to this website!

please take your time and look around as there are a lot of images strewn through-out in different sections and areas. the bodies of work here represent a small fraction of my total archive so bookmark me and come around at your leisure to see what's new in this ever-evolving project.

it is exciting for me to be able to offer up my work in this forum. there is a world here on this website that is open for engagement where i can develop a context for my work. the internet is a lovely place for the kind of archiving and cross-referencing that builds systems of understanding and a disjointed but continuous narrative that is so much a part of how i see myself as a photographer.

this little portal is my life, practice and work. enjoy it and let me know what you think. your feedback and interaction is what will help keep this site alive.